2015 UFO World Cup Finals-BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!
Los Angeles, California, USA(Saturday, January 17th, 2015) Hello Frisbee doggers of planet earth! We know many of you are making your plans for all the events you want to hit this year, and we are excited to see you and your dogs soon. So we want to make an [Read Full Story...]

Matteo Gaddoni and Flower win the 2014 World Cup Championship!
St. Gallen, Switzerland(Friday, October 3rd, 2014) With open arms, the Swiss welcomed disc dog teams from around the world to Gründenmoos Stadium. Then they tried very hard to keep all the trophies!! The 2014 World Cup Final, in St. Gallen Switzerl [Read Full Story...]

North American Cup Title awarded to Solar and Andrew Han!!
Chicago, IL, USA(Sunday, August 31st, 2014) Earthlings! After (another) incredible day of action in Naperville, the dogs have most certainly had their day! A couple of humans had pretty good weekends too. The final UFO major in North America ha [Read Full Story...]

Littleton, Colorado, USA(Monday, August 4th, 2014) Not holding back here: The big expanses of grass at Cornerstone Park seem to bring out the best in the dogs and the throwers! The DTour North American Cup Championship finally kicked off late Sunday a [Read Full Story...]

Championship Featured on ESPN
Littleton, CO, USA(Tuesday, August 5th, 2014): The inaugural North American Cup T&C Championship was excited and honored to be featured in SportsCenter's http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=11313849
2015 Major Schedule
Country Date Event Location
Feb 22nd UFO Major in JAPAN Chuo-ku, JPN
Mar 21st UFO Major DCDC Spain Puigcerdà, ESP
Mar 29th Katana Cup HamamatsuNishi, JPN
Apr 25th Texas Major Dallas, USA
May 2nd Florida State Championships TBA, USA
May 10th Mad Dogs UFO Major Millersville, USA
May 30th Sandreas-Cup V Kreuzlingen, CHE
Jun 6th Disc Dogs of MI State Championship Weekend Hastings, USA
Jun 20th SoCal Disc Dog Challenge South Pasadena, USA
Jun 27th Indiana Disc Dog Classic Fishers, USA
Aug 1st Colorado Canine Challenge Centennial, USA
Sep 6th Windy City K9 Classic Naperville, USA

2014 Sponsors of the World Cup
2014 World Cup Standings
1Matteo Gaddoni & Flower320.0
2Melanie Fydrich & Baily317.0
3Adrian Stoica & Rory313.0
4Alen Soldic & Lili308.0
5Jean McCollister & Olivia272.0
6Julia Zimmermann & Leeloo270.0
6Alena Smolíková & Jerry270.0
8Bettina Koch & Tabasco264.5
9Christi Campbell & Star Spangled Banner250.0
10Marc Etoll & Loki245.0
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2014 European Cup Standings
1Alen Soldic & Lili238.0
2Matteo Gaddoni & Flower230.0
3Bettina Koch & Tabasco222.0
3Melanie Fydrich & Baily222.0
5Julia Zimmermann & Leeloo220.0
6Marc Etoll & Loki210.0
7Jean McCollister & Olivia207.0
8Alen Soldic & Diva192.0
9Luca Turano & Maia187.0
10Eva Zwicker & Enya183.0
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2014 North American Cup Standings
1Andrew Han & Solar285.0
1Pennie Mahon & Psych285.0
3Kirby McIlveen & Torch275.0
4Christi Campbell & Star Spangled Banner240.0
5Andrew Han & Psy215.0
6Chuck Middleton & Bam Bam200.0
7Kirby McIlveen & Sketch194.0
8Kevin Eroskey & Charlie165.0
9Mike Hanson & MaggEY163.0
10Todd Murnan & Grit155.0
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