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UPDATE-World Cup Finals date change!
Colorado, USA(Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017) Hello there, The UFO is officially changing the date of their 2017 World Cup Final to October 13, 14, 15. This is being done to accommodate the USDDN Final and the teams that may travel to both even [Read Full Story...]

2017 UFO Dates and Rule Updates
Lexington, USA(Monday, January 2nd, 2017) The UFO is happy to announce a couple of big event dates for 2017. First, the UFO 'EC'-the European Cup Finals-will be taking place August 5-6 in Duisburg, Germany. If you missed the Finals this year, [Read Full Story...]

Rory and Adrian Stoica win the 2016 World Cup!!
Duisburg, Germany(Monday, October 10th, 2016) What a weekend full of emotions! Sun in Germany in October! Awesome dogs and great teams on and around the field! A sea of flags from different countries! So many photographers that captured the nice [Read Full Story...]

Rory and Stoica take 3rd Euro Cup Title!
Aosto, Italy(Sunday, August 21st, 2016) European Cup Finals are in the books! In the face of weather that wouldn't behave, and an incredibly talented field, the pair manged to win their third European Cup Championship. Rory pulled off an e [Read Full Story...]
2017 Programm Majors
Land Datum Evenemang Plats
Mar 26th Florida State Championships Zephyr Hills, USA
Apr 22nd Texas State Championships Grapevine, USA
May 20th Cheicabigul Disc Dog Cup Forli, ITA
Jun 4th UFO Major a Torino Quassolo, ITA
Jun 10th Disc Dogs of MI State Championship Weekend Hastings, USA
Jun 17th Sandreas-Cup VII Kreuzlingen, CHE
Jun 17th NFM Cup Vierhouten, NLD
Jun 25th SoCal Disc Dog Challenge San Marcos, USA
Jul 1st Fly em High Cup Boelenslaan, NLD
Jul 16th Mad Dogs UFO Major Millersville, USA
Aug 5th Colorado Canine Challenge Centennial, USA
Aug 5th UFO EC Last Chance Duisburg, DEU
Oct 13th UFO Final Major Denver, USA

2017 Sponsors of the World Cup
2017 World Cup Standings
1Jeff Hill & Muse220.0
2Luca Castioni & Eddy208.0
3Andrew Han & Slinky205.0
4Christi Campbell & Blue Djinn Dragon200.0
5Kirby McIlveen & Torch198.0
6Jeff Hill & Key181.0
7Christi Campbell & Star Spangled Banner169.0
7Kirby McIlveen & Flash169.0
9Andrew Han & Nalu168.0
10Todd Murnan & Grit162.0
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2017 European Cup Standings
1Luca Castioni & Eddy208.0
2Adrian Stoica & Hurricane161.0
3Christina Weiß & Bazinga154.0
4Riccardo Menarini & Pam150.0
5Angela Tederke & Dr. Pepper138.0
6Melanie Rheinländer & Quax137.0
6Marcel Koning & Mr. Lee137.0
8Melanie Fydrich & Trouble135.0
9Claudia Wagstyl & Rufus133.0
10Marjolaine van Arkel & Chubby122.0
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2017 North American Cup Standings
1 &
1 &
1 &
1 &
1 &
1 &
1 &
1 &
1 &
1 &
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