UFO World Cup DTour Championship
Place Handler Dog Throw 1 Throw 2 Throw 3 Best-1 Throw 1 Throw 2 Throw 3 Best-2 Best CatchScoresheet
1 Gary Duke  Beep!85.1m0.0m81.4m85.1m76.3m78.6m76.3m78.6m85.1m
2 Mike Hanson  Ace0.0m0.0m70.8m70.8m0.0m67.0m0.0m67.0m70.8m
3 Tony Kelso  Hardy58.9m0.0m0.0m58.9m64.9m67.8m67.2m67.8m67.8m
4 Mike Hanson  Alley-OOP0.0m0.0m62.4m62.4m60.7m0.0m62.0m62.0m62.4m
5 Ken Pogson  Rich0.0m0.0m0.0m0.0m60.3m56.1m0.0m60.3m60.3m
6 Todd Murnan  Yeti0.0m0.0m0.0m0.0m0.0m53.8m57.9m57.9m57.9m
7 Matthew Whitmer  Hiro0.0m51.1m0.0m51.1m47.4m0.0m51.0m51.0m51.1m
All Distances are in Meters. Winner is team with longest catch out of all rounds.