Maggey & Mike Hanson look to repeat their epic 2011 season

We hooked up with the 2011 UFO World Cup Champion, Mike Hanson to talk a little bit about his win, his feelings and his future...
Mike and Maggey had a big year in 2011. Winning a Quadruped in probably the toughest venue-the Colorado Canine Challenge, sweeping all 3 of the Colorado Disc Dogs Championship titles-including their second consecutive State Champion title-and finishing it up by taking the World Cup title in Dallas.
All these things happened in only their 4th year in the sport. Most handlers would take any one of those wins! But with an incredible dog at his side, a supportive sponsor and plenty of competitive drive, Mike Hanson and Maggey are just getting started...

We asked Mike how he can top 2011:
MH-"We're done. We're going out on top - no I'm just joking."

Mike and Maggey have not been in the sport very long, but they have already won an international title. Could this be all there is to achieve for them?
MH-"No, not by any means. I would love to give a run at some other organizations too. And the ufo again, of course. Maggey has a lot of good frisbee days left in her. some of my other dogs too. Maggey just turned 5. She's still just a puppy."

Not long ago, Mike was getting advice from his peers in Colorado and cutting his teeth in a very tough club series. Now, people look up to him. How does that feel?
MH-"It feels a little crazy, and very cool at the same time. I talk to people, and some of them are taking my suggestions and ideas on how i put together a routine and are trying to put my throws into their routine too."e

Maggey now has 2 state championship titles. given his ambitious plans this summer, will he have enough time to pursue number 3?
MH-"That's the plan, i want to try to win 5!"

Not going after 6?
MH-"oh, thought the record was 5... i'm going to win 6!"

What big events do you plan to travel to this season?
MH-"I'm definitely going to try to hit up as many UFO majors as possible. Plus the IDC in June, the Quadruped in Kansas, and then as many of the finals as I can qualify for."

Any plans to take Maggey internatonal?
MH-"I would so love to go over to Europe. So bad.
I would love to do a UFO or AWI or anything in Europe. That would be a highlight of my disc dogging career to take Maggey over there and lay down a solid routine. That would be so awesome."

How would you describe your style?
MH-"hmmm i have a faster style and I try to incorporate difficult throws. But I try to throw them like they're just regular throws. I don't know the best way to express that. I have a really fast dog so I try to use up as much of the field as I can; that makes her happy."

Any tricks you would like to be remembered for?
MH-"oh man. some i am really proud ouf are the 360 betweeen the leg throw, whatever that throw behind my back is... probably a better name than that. Hopefully I can get Maggey to salt and pepper that thing in Thornton. That would be awesome."
[salt-pepper throw 2 discs at the same time, dog catches both] "She almost got it yesterday, it's crazy!"

Who do you see as your biggest comepetition now?
MH-"Biggest competitor now? Kirby-Kirb, Chuck Middleton, Pennie Mahon and Todd Murnan. Probably gonna make somebody mad. Give somebody some motivation with that answer."

You are still pretty young, how long can you go in this sport?
MH-"Shoot, I hope can put in at least another 60 years. That woud put me at 90. I think I have another 60 years of disc dogging in me."

Any shout outs?
MH-"Definitely got a give a huge shout out to Hero disc. They took a chance on a kid who hadn't really proved anything in the sport yet. I guess just have to give a shout out to my huge disc dog family. I wouldn't be able to do it if it wasn't for everybody."

Thanks for your time, Mike! Good luck to you and Maggey, and we certainly look forward to seeing the 2011 UFO World Cup Champs back out on the circuit once again!

- Chris Sexton