New Events in the UFO World Cup Series

Big arms and fast dogs will have a new outlet for their long distance mania in 2012! The UFO is adding several long distance events to the World Cup Series. This includes a Long Distance championship to be contested at the UFO World Cup Finals!

The new UFO D-Tour will be offered at exclusive venues this year, with more opportunities being added in 2013. The D-Tour features 3 long distance events that are sure to keep you and your dogs happy.

Going old school is the name of the game for Classic Distance. This is pretty simple-3 throws, and your longest catch counts. The Classic Distance game is offered for men and women, and it is a championship qualifier. The top 3 teams from each Classic Distance event will qualify for the 2012 UFO World Cup Finals where the Long Distance World Cup Champions will be crowned!

The second new event is Team Distance. This event features the same format as Classic Distance, but this time, the distance of your catch is added to the other team member\'s distances to give you your team score. Oh, and the whole team has a limited number of attempts, just to make it interesting! Men\'s, Women\'s and Mixed teams will form. Will the big guns and rocket dogs unite to laugh at the mere mortals? Come out to a D-Tour event to find out!

Finally, the popular UFO Longshot returns to join the D-Tour. Described as "elimbo for disc dogs"e, the Longshot is unique in that each competitor is trying to beat the distance, not the other teams. The last dog standing is the champ!

As time and venues may vary, each D-Tour event may offer a different choice of the above formats. But Classic Distance will be on the menu at each one, giving several opportunities for teams to qualify for a UFO Distance Championship!

Check the UFO Website for the rules and format of these awesome competitions, and check the schedule too-the D-Tour has its own listing.

We hope to see you and your dogs at many UFO events this year!

- The UFO