2013 UFO Season kicks off with changes

Hey there folks! With the first US Major coming up quick, wanted to get the fans
and competitors fired up for some amazing disc dog action!
Some announcement usually help that!
First off, the UFO board is changing a bit. Tom Wehrli, Lawrence Frederick and
Karen Mulders have all left the board to do other disc dog activities. They are
not gone! you will see them around! But just in case anyone runs in to them,
yes, they are officially allowed to COMPETE in the World Cup Series
now...Lawrence? looking for another title?
Speaking of the World Cup Championship, this year, that award will be handed out
The Colorado Disc Dogs will be hosting the UFO Finals October 25-27. This will
be the first time a World-Level championship for disc dogs has come to colorado.
And if you have been here for the CCC, you know this club can bring it!
The European Cup Finals will be taking place Aug 31/Sep 1 in Zurich, Switzerland
once again. We are looking into some changes to make that event bigger-stay
tuned for more info!
In some other awesome news, we are very happy to welcome Discovering the World
back as a sponsor of the World Cup Series! Thanks very much to Dan and June and
the crew there in socal!!
Next, the UFO lost a couple of people, but we have some new help as well. We
have added a new position to assist us in Europe, officially called a "UFO
Director". The directors will be assisting with events and are able to answer
questions for us in Europe. Our new UFO Directors are NOT full board members, so
as such, they ARE still allowed to compete in UFO events. And important
distinction, as the new directors are some pretty great players! The UFO would
like to welcome Tina Weiss and Marcel Buff on board! They are pretty well known
in Europe, and we feel their support of the events will make the UFO even
And finally, we welcome 1 new board member to the UFO: in Japan, Mr. Tatsuya
Tachibana will be our official representative and ambassador! Tachi's knowledge
of the sport and reputation in Japan as a judge, organizer, player and all
around supporter of the sport are highly regarded.
Welcome aboard, Tachi!


- The UFO