Greetings Gravity-defiers!
The UFO has a stunning, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for the denizens of earth!
So far, the championships of our sport have been held exclusively in the USA. The rest of the world has risen to the challenge, learning the sport, perfecting their moves and sometimes coming to the States to compete for the titles offered there.
The UFO is proud to announce that for the first time ever, a planet-level event will be held outside the USA:
The 2014 UFO World Cup Finals will take place in Europe, on September 20th and 21st. The location is not yet confirmed-we have several great places to look at. We will try to pick a location that is central to europe, and close to a large, international airport, so that travel will be as easy as possible for the majority of competitors.
The UFO has consistently been impressed with the level of talent that comes from the European sphere. We have been proud to have European events as a part of the World Cup series from the very beginning of the World Cup Series, in 2001. So it is absolutely time that the Finals moves to a new continent.

Now, we obviously have a long history in the USA, and we understand that many people who would come to the UFO Finals in the USA will not be able to join us in Europe in 2014. This is sad, but we certainly understand. Traveling to a different continent with your dog is a big trip. We hope that by giving you more than a year to plan and prepare, a few teams from the USA may join us in the “old world”!
Now, even if your plans will not include a pond-jump next year, there is still a UFO Title to be won in the USA. In 2014, the UFO will introduce the North American Cup championship. This will mirror the European Cup title that was introduced in 2010. The events in North America will be a separate points series within the World Cup, culminating in the final event in Naperville, Illinois, hosted by Tom Wehrli.
For the expanding and exciting European scene, the UFO will offer more Major events next year, so the teams in Europe will have plenty of opportunity to qualify for a final on their own continent.
And of course, the European Cup will return next year as well!
We have a lot of enthusiastic help in Europe, and the event will be incredible, to say the least. In addition, disc doggers in the USA have been gracious and welcoming to their frisbee friends from all over the world-including Europe-for many years now. It should be stated that Europeans stand ready to return that hospitality! Airport runs, tour guides and such can be figured out to make the trip easier for teams that travel. If you want to turn a short trip for a competition into a longer stay and see something more of Europe, that can be arranged. The European competitors would absolutely love to see the legends from the rest of the world join them at this ground-breaking championship!

the UFO

- The UFO