Not holding back here: The big expanses of grass at Cornerstone Park seem to bring out the best in the dogs and the throwers! The DTour North American Cup Championship finally kicked off late Sunday afternoon.

With a very favorable tail wind, the throws began busting the seams early! Most every team was throwing personal bests, even after a long, hot weekend of play. It was truly inspiring!Now a personal best for someone like Kirby McIlveen, or Gary Duke, tends to be memorable. And they did not disappoint.

On the Men's side, Gary's big throws went to Kate. Throw #2 ended up being measured at 98.1 meters, just eclipsing his previous world record of 97.7 meters. The second throw was the big kahuna, and the new DTour Men's World Record: 99.8 meters! Everyone watching knew these 2 catches were special. In the final round, Gary managed one more firework with a 99.3 meter throw to Kate-orade catch.The Men's DTour North American Cup Championship podium looked like this:
1. Gary Duke and Kate (99.8)
2. Matt DiAno and Fritz (80.1)
3. Gary Duke and Bayer (78.2)

The ladies were not about to be upstaged by all the testosterone on the field, and after a couple of nail biter strikeouts, the first dog to connect in the Women's Finals was Torch, receiving an airmail delivery from Kirby. Distance: The new Women's DTour World Record, 74.3 meters!!! Kirby and Torch absolutely DEMOLISHED the previous record by 10 meters!!
Most every team in the Women's finals were throwing very long, and putting up personal best ever throws and catches-Christ and Banner, 63.4. Kirby and Sketch, 65.5. Jackie and Towser, 58.8. Tracy and Joe, 49.4. Kirby still had plenty of gas in the second round as she nearly beat her freshly minted record with Blitz-the pair pulled in a 73.3 meter catch to seal up a sweep of the Women' podium. Final standings looked like this:
1. Kirby McIlveen and Torch (74.3)
2. Kirby McIlveen and Blitz (73.3)
3. Kirby McIlveen and Sketch (65.5)
Congrats to all the ladies! And your amazing pups too!

In the middle of all these long throws, the hosting club, the Colorado Disc Dogs, managed to pull off the North American Cup T&C Championship as well. 2 prelim rounds of T&C for all teams, and a final 3rd round for the top 10. After 3 rounds, the grass clippings settled, and the very first UFO North American Cup Champions were crowned: Jeff Scheetz and Towser! The KC Disc Dog crew takes home the big trophy and the glory.Full results can be found here:

It was a long, warm day, at times too long, and too warm. But the sky was clear, the wind was perfect, the dogs were fast, and it all added up to an amazing and incredible North American Cup Championship. Complete results for all divisions will be online later today.

A huge thanks to our event hosts, the Colorado Disc Dogs. And our sincere gratitude to our series and event sponsors: Discovering the World, Xing Tea, and Harmony Animal Wellness. You helped make this a very special weekend!

Congrats to all our winners, and to all the dogs and people who survived this event!!