North American Cup Title awarded to Solar and Andrew Han!!

Earthlings! After (another) incredible day of action in Naperville, the dogs have most certainly had their day! A couple of humans had pretty good weekends too. The final UFO major in North America had surprises, fireworks and gobsmackery befitting the status of a "championship".
When the grass clippings had settled and the drool had mostly been cleaned up, the final Major was awarded as follows:
Open T&C - Andrew Han & Psy
Open freestyle - Chuck Middleton & Bam Bam
Open Combined - Chuck Middleton & Bam Bam

Of course the major was not the only thing on the line. The inaugural North American Cup championship was wrapping up as well. The Chicago major served as the final event for this series. It was run as a points series, just like the World Cup.
Similarly, the Freestyle Championship was also decided right there on the field. The winner of the freestyle at the major was also the winner of the championship. And thus that title was proudly won by Bam Bam and Chuck Middleton. Out of a field of freestyle superstars, they somehow managed to find a way to shine even brighter! Considering the field they were up against, this was truly a hard-won title.

After months of events, the 2014 North American Cup Overall championship was brought to a close in a very fantastic way: a tie. The final tally of series points put Andrew Han and Solar at 285 points, joined there by Pennie Mahon and Psych. There is a tie-breaker, and the tie breaker in this situation is the placement of the teams in the final event. With a second place finish in the Major (thus higher than Pennie and Psych), the 2014 title goes to Andrew Han and Solar!!!!

Congratulations to all the teams and a huge thanks to Tom and Chris Wehrli for hosting the competitors all weekend.They work hard every year to make the Windy City K9 Classic a fun and memorable event. They did it yet again. And thanks to all the teams that contended the Major and the first North American Cup Championship! You made it a special event indeed!