2015 UFO World Cup Finals-BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!

Hello Frisbee doggers of planet earth!We know many of you are making your plans for all the events you want to hit this year, and we are excited to see you and your dogs soon.So we want to make an announcement about the schedule that may influence some of your destinations this year.The UFO World Cup Finals is set to take place October 16-18 in Los Angeles, California. We will have a park ready to announce before too long, but we wanted to give you a target as to where you should be for the finals this season.We know it can be difficult committing to more than 1 championship due to the fact that they are held all over. So a plan has been put into place to give you more bang for your travel buck, and get your dogs to multiple championships.The UFO is very happy and excited to announce that our 2015 World Cup Finals venue and weekend will be SHARED with the Ashley Whippet Invitational World Championship!! Yes, both championships will take place the same weekend at the same venue.How will it work? Though some of the specifics are still being worked on, here is the schedule:Friday, October 16-AWI Last Chance Qualifier & UFO Major-These 2 events will be one in the same. AWI will use one round of freestyle to determine their final set of teams qualified for the AWI World Championship. This round of freestyle will ALSO be the first round of a standard UFO Major-the Final Major. 2 Qualification opportunities in 1 event.Saturday, October 17-AWI World Championships and Cash & Catch event. The Lander Cup will be awarded at the end of the day.Sunday, October 18-UFO World Cup Final-The final event to earn points towards the title.More details about the exact format of each championship will be revealed later in the season. But we wanted to make sure that this historic event and awesome disc-dog opportunity was unveiled to the world as soon as we could!!We look forward to seeing you and your dogs this season and at the Championship!UFO & AWI
- The UFO