2015 Season kicks off!

Hello denizens of the mostly water planet!

The UFO season snuck up on us, and is already underway, but it is probably a good time to let everyone know a few things about the 2015 World Cup Series.First, the 2015 schedule is up. There may be a couple of late events that get added, but the early season is set.

We are excited to welcome some new events this year. Michigan will be running a Major, and this weekend we have our first ever UFO sighting in SPAIN!!!! Exciting new from the Iberian peninsula!

The first North American Major will be in Dallas, Texas on April 25.The European Cup Finals will be in the Netherlands, and the World Cup Finals in Socal.As you all probably know, the World Cup Finals will be held in partnership with AWI and 2 World level titles will be handed out that weekend. Very exciting.

Since that weekend is already jam packed, we have to move some things around...so the UFO is excited to announce that the DTour World Cup Championship will be taking place in Denver, Colorado, on August 2nd in conjnction with the Colorado Disc Dogs' annual "Colorado Canine Challenge". This event is a distance dream with lots and lots of green grass awaiting the fast dogs and big arms! More details on that soon.

Next, we do have some scores from early season events rolling in, and we are already beginning to assign World Cup points and standings have been updated.Finally, a rules change everyone is probably aware of, but if not, here it is: In 2015 at ALL UFO events, in the T&C round, there is no longer any "anti-gravity" bonus. This had been the 1/2 point bonus point awarded for "mid air" catches with all feet off the ground. This is now gone. The standard field is the same, and the bonus zone is still there, but no extra points for a catch in the air.

We are looking forward to a very fun season in 2015! See you and your awesome dogs on the field!

- The UFO