McIlveen and Duke take World Cup Dtour titles!

It was announced early in the season-the DTour World Cup Championship would take place much earlier than in previous years. It would also be in a location different from the World Cup Final. It would take place with fewer qualifiers.
None of that mattered, the big arms still found their way to Colorado and to the DTour Championship! With both ends and quite a bit of flyover country represented, the 2015 Championship was action packed and thrilling.

The day started with a 3 throw qualifying round. The field layout was such that each group (men and women) chose which direction they wanted to throw. The Men threw first, and chose to throw from the southwest corner of the field, in a mostly east/north east direction. There were no crazy big distances here, as the air was quite still and warm. Not conducive to records falling. But there were still soem spectacular catches!
The Ladies chose to adjust the field direction as the mild wind had changed since the men started. They threw from the southeast corner of the field, throwing mostly west. Again, no records fell.

By the time the finals started, the dogs had most of the day (including a 3 hour rain delay) to recover. The wind direction was south to north, and a bit stronger than the morning. An afternoon storm was still in the area, giving us a different look. The Men started the finals-3 throws each once again. In this round, Gary Duke and Kate joined the 5 qualifiers from the morning, as the only team that was previously qualified (in Florida).
With one team scratching 2 dogs, that allowed Mike Hanson and Todd Murnan, throwing for Psych and Glock, respectively, to squeek into the finals. The throws were getting longer with each team feeding off of the previous. 60 meters fell quick. Then 70. Finally, as the last team in the Men
GGGs round, Gary Duke and Kate put up the throw that would win the title. First effort was 85 meters. A huge throw in the conditions. Kate snagged it to effectively win right there. But Gary had 2 more throws....unfortunately, they were not able to beat the 85, but they didnGGGt need to. So the 2015 MenGGGs DTour Championship went to Gary Duke and Kate!

Next the WomenGGGs Finals. With perennial (good natured) rivals Jackie Scheetz and Kirby McIlveen on hand this was going to be a good show.
In the end, Kirby and here little borrowed Muse were able to take home titles, and Kate added yet another title to her amazing legacy.

Congratulations to all the teams, and thank you for a great show!!

- The UFO