2016 World Cup Finals heads to Germany

The 2016 UFO World Cup Final will go back to Europe. This is the second time that the UFO has held its final in Europe, and this will be the first ever World Championship level event held in Germany.With an extremely deep field of players, new countries joining every year, and rabid enthusiasm for the UFO, Europe is quickly becoming a regular stop for the Finals.The event will take place October 7-9. No city has been announced yet, but the UFO will make sure everyone knows when it does have a firm location.In the last 3 years, most of the UFO Majors have been held in Europe, and they look to be ramping up once again for 2016.
In addition, the UFO will be holding the European Cup Finals in Italy.
Italy has seen an increase of UFO interest in the last few years, and now the stakes are increasing again.
With lots of action in Europe this year, it will be a very exciting year in the Old World!
See you in Germany!

- The UFO