Rory and Stoica take 3rd Euro Cup Title!

2016 European Cup Finals are in the books!
In the face of weather that wouldn't behave, and an incredibly talented field, the pair manged to win their third European Cup Championship. Rory pulled off an event-high 20 points in Throw & Catch to power wins in the T&C Championship and the Overall. Consistent excellence put their freestyle ahead of the field, but the win there came by less than a point over the next 3 teams! Talk about close!

Huge congrats to Adrian Stoica & Rory winning Throw & Catch, Freestyle only and Combined!
Congrats to all the other teams on the field today, there has been more than one magical moment!
BIG thank you Simone, Matteo, the judges and all the people in the background for your work!

Here are all the winners:
T&C only
1st Arian Stoica & Rory
2nd Marcel Buff & Aislinn
3rd Christina Weiss & Bazinga

Freestyle only
1st Adrian Stoica & Rory
2nd Matteo Gaddoni & Flower
3rd Bettina Koch & Tabasco

1st Adrian Stoica & Rory
2nd Bettina Koch & Tabasco
3rd Matteo Gaddoni & Flower

The event Host, Matteo Gaddoni had these words:
"Whoah what a long Ride!

I want first give a lot of thanks to all the players that came over and spent energy and passion on the field loving their dogs!

To Isabel, Simone, Irene and the Unlimited Crew, Lorenzo, Naima, Simone, Tiziana, Iñaki, Luca for all the help, work, support, heart.

The Judges Reint, Melanie, Alen, Marcel, Fabien-Denis(*), Pe Ter, Pablo, Lorenzo.... thank you so much, it was a long day I think for you and the love and commitment you shared it's just amazing.

The UFO World Cup Series for giving us the chance and responsibility to host this great event but also for the help and support from the other side Chris and then Christina, Marcel, Reint... thank you so much!

Then a huge big thanks to our sponsors:
Sanypet - Forza10, Supleneo, Ingravity Dog, Reverchon, Bisson.

The weather conditions on Saturday I think were great and there where some amazing freestyle routines and challenging toss&catch rounds. I was sometime busy but I had chance to see some goosebumps routines and you know what I'm talking about!

I hope to see many videos from this EC Finals!
Please share videos!!

Here is my second round with Flower Power, she was on fire and she inspired me to pull out one of our greatest time on the field ever!


- Christina Weiss/Matteo Gaddoni