2018 kicks off! Rule changes ahead!

Attention Furry Masters of the Skies!
The UFO World Cup Series of 2018 is about to commence!

The first Major of 2018 will be taking place tomorrow in Turin, Italy. Many teams are already in Northern Italy, ready to take off!

There are a couple of rule changes for the 2018 season, and we need to make sure they are out there now.

Beginning in 2018, the points needed to qualify for the World Cup Finals are rising from 85 World Cup points to 90 World Cup points. This is for the teams that are competing for the Overall Combined title.
There is a special circumstance we are adding to the rules regarding World Cup points and qualifying for the Finals:
Any team that travels from a different continent to compete in the finals only has to have 75 World Cup points to play in the final. This includes any points earned at the Final Major on the friday before the finals.
So for 2018, European teams will need to have 90 points to play in the finals. Teams from North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania only need to have 75.

The World Cup Finals will take place October 5-7, in Houtigehage, the Netherlands. This town is about 35 km west of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. The facility is SV Houtigehage, a soccer (football) facility.

Finally, last year the UFO introduced a small dog championship. We will be bringing that back in 2018. We are still working on the details, but here are a couple of important points to know about the small dog championship this year:
1-We are reducing the size factor that determines small dog status.
"Small dog" status is determined by the Ulnar measurement. You measure the dog's front leg, from the elbow to the carpal joint (past the carpal pad.) For 2018, "Small" will be considered dogs with a ulnar measurement of 13cm or less.
Any UFO approved discs can be used in the small dog event, no size restrictions.

2-The UFO Small dog championship will NOT be held in the Netherlands with the Overall World Cup Final. It will be held in the USA, with the North American Cup Final event. The World Cup Final is a very busy event, and we don't want the small dogs to disappear in that chaos!
In 2019, the Small Dog championship will shift to Europe, when the World Cup Finals comes back to North America.

Information about the UFO North American Cup Finals will be coming soon!

Enjoy your weekend and see you and your biped handlers out there this year!

- The UFO