Jeff Hill double championship: Muse and Key are top dogs in Michigan!

Congratulations to the 2018 UFO North American Cup Champions, Jeff Hill and Muse!
The event in Frankenmuth, Michigan, was terrific fun and well run by the Disc Dogs of Michigan.
This was a UFO Major, with the Small Dog championship added to the divisions.
The UFO also ran the Small Dog Championship, and Jeff was certainly on his game, as he and his dog Key were able to take the title. The Combined event was won by Chris Padilla and Poison Ivy-this team was certainly a crowd pleaser every time they stepped on the field.
Chris and Ivy also won the Open Freestyle division, barely keeping ahead of Brad Denney and Maya.
The Open T&C event was a close race after the first round, but in the end former World Cup Champs Scott Jones and Rodeo put up 18 points in their second round to catapult ahead.
The T&C event gave us perhaps the craziest finish to a UFO T&C event ever. Jeff and Muse were tied with Scott and Onyx.
Two previous World Cup Champions tied for 2nd place.
The first tie-breaker, highest single round, did not break the tie.
Nor did the second tie-breaker, most bonus zone catches over all rounds.
So it went to the UFO Shootout. This is not used very often. we flip to see who goes first. Then each team gets 1 throw. Catch with higher points wins. If it is still a tie, order switches, and we go again.
First Shootout round-Muse 4, Rodeo 4.
Second shootout round-Rodeo 3, Muse 3.
Third shootout round-Muse 4, Rodeo 4
FOURTH shootout round - Rodeo miss, Muse 4.
Holy moly. Could 2 teams have been more evenly matched? It was pretty amazing to see them both hit those throws under pressure. Great job!
In the small Dog event, Jeff and Key were certainly the team to beat and put up great numbers in every round. But watch out for Dee Collazo and Sushi-the 2nd place team. They are moving up quick and will be a force to contend with.
When the event was finished, the points for the event were compiled and standings re-run, and Jeff and Muse were able to stay just ahead of fellow Californians Brad Denney and Maya. Chris Padilla's 2 Major wins put he and Poison Ivy into 3rd for this continent. Dee Collazo and Sky and Christi Campbell and Star Spangled Banner rounded out the top 5.
Congrats to all the teams, and a big thanks to Scott and Deanna Jones, and the Disc Dogs of Michigan for hosting this final for us.
If you haven't been to Frankenmuth for an event, you need to get up there. It is a seriously cool town with tons of fun stuff, great food and plenty of disc dog action every year.

- The UFO