2019 European Cup Finals becomes a disc dog epic

The 2019 European Cup Finals are finished, and the field stands empty once again.
The grass is now a bit wet from Dutch rain, and hard to imagine that for 3 days there stood a disc dog city. It's citizens were the furry little deities who we devote so much time and energy to.
The job of creating the setting for the next chapter of the UFO Lengendarium was taken on by the New Frisbee Maniacs, led by the head Maniac, Marcel Koning. He and his crew did an amazing job not just running the event, but building this experience for all these great competitors and their dogs. Truly an awesome event from beginning to end.

The event was extremely competitive and competitors from all over the EU (and a couple of special guests from outside Europe) brought their best games.

The European Cup Freestyle Championship was extremely entertaining and featured a finish that was fantastically close; less than 1 point separated the top 3 teams. Only 3.5 points difference between #1 and #10. When the podium spots were called, Istvan Fodor and Bree were at the 3rd step while Julia Zimmermann and Minai were on the second step.
It seems that the top step of the UFO EC Freestyle is reserved exclusively for Italy. Adrian Stoica and Hurricane were the Freestyle champs, continuing an unbroken streak of Italian disc dogs in the #1 spot.

In the European Cup Throw & Catch Championship, there were 3 rounds run. All 3 rounds counted, so no blinking was allowed. The German teams came on strong with 3 teams in the top 10, and 2 in the top 3. In third place, Irena K├Ânig and Sky, in second, the Swiss team of Sasi Unold and Amy, and the 2019 EC T&C Champions were Guido Averesch and Phoebe, from Germany. Phoebe's lowest round was a pretty good 13 points. Her other 2 were 17 and 18 points, giving her a sizeable 5 point margin of victory.

The Combined Division of course determines the overall UFO European Cup Champions. Obviously, Freestyle has a lot to do with this. But for 2019, the host club and the UFO decided to run the event in a fashion similar to the UFO World Cup Final. 2 rounds of T&C, and the final score only included the higher of the 2 rounds. So a bad round wouldn't automatically take a team out of the running.

The top 3 shook out like this:
In 3rd place, Istvan Fodor and Bree.
In 2nd place, Angela Tederke and Mr. Zoom.
And in first place, after nearly 18 years of competition, Julia Zimmermann was able to take the top spot with Minai.

The first UFO European Championship was 2002, in Schijndel, in the Netherlands. Julia and Lara were there. It was pretty awesome to see her get her first UFO European Cup title, at last.

There was 1 more little event that was running this weekend. A mere speck of an event known as the UFO Small Dog World Cup Championship.

11 dogs and their handlers took part in the event. Sunday afternoon, the top 3 spots were:
3rd-Anne Kramer & Lotta
2nd-Marco Pianelli & Pink
2019 UFO Small Dog World Cup Champions: Adrian Stoica and ICARO!!!

The small dogs were hugely entertaining all weekend, and there was some pretty serious talent on hand. While the event was "Open" this year with no qualification needed, it is clear that we will need to look into Qualification events at a few of our Majors in the future!

Monday is here, and this is a page in our Mythology. The legendary beasts that strode and streaked across that field in Apeldoorn faded back into the mist they were conjured from. They sleep the happy sleep, twitching as they continue to chase frisbees for their human friends.
Not a bad way to spend a Monday.

- The UFO