Teams from all over rematerialize in Austin for the Final Major!

The 2019 regular season finished with flair! The Final Major was a warm one, with the Texas sun making sure everyone felt the heat!
Today's event was limited to non-qualified teams only. And even though the rest of the working world was hard at it, a sturdy group of disc doggers was at play, trying to get the last few World Cup Points.
Our event hosts, the Flying Disc Dogs of Austin, welcomed everyone to Texas and pulled off a very smooth event.
In the Intermediate division, Toni Spangler and Koa looked like they were just about ready for Open division. Great freestyle put them on top in both the Freestyle and the combined events. The Throw & Catch trophy went to locals Sylvester Jaramillo and his awesome pup Bedias were just ahead of the crowd, pulling in 11 points for the win.
Your winners:
Intermediate Combined - Toni Spangler & Koa
Intermediate Freestyle - Toni Spangler & Koa
Intermediate T&C - Sylvester Jaramillo & Bedias

In the Open Division, this was the only major with restricted entry. Only Teams that were not qualified in a particular event were allowed to compete.
This led to some interesting introspection of the UFO rules, as teams vying for the Combined were suddenly competitive in an event they had already qualified in-the Open T&C. It was decided that the few teams that were in Combined that made the cut in Open T&C who were already T&C qualified would not do a second round of T&C. Their first round would stand, as part of the Combined event.
But in the end, the top dogs stood clear of that confusion, and Locals Adam Derby and Bonnie-Be-Good had the win. Dee and Sky and John and Harley were close behind.
In the combined event, it was hard to imagine, but Kirby's "new" dog Sora had not yet qualified for the finals-she was not yet the full 18 months until September of 2019.
So she had it all on the line with the Final Major.
It what would be a sign of things to come, Kirby and Sora won both the combined and the freestyle events, qualifying for both.
In the Combined, the amazing Puerto Rica teams of Chris Padilla with Poison Ivy and Deirani Collazo with Sky took second and third, respectively. This put all 3 teams in the finals.

Open Division winners:
Open T&C - Adam Derby & Bonnie-Be-Good
Open Freestyle - Kirby McIlveen & Sora
Open Combined - Kirby McIlveen & Sora

A few other teams picked up just enough points to squeak into the finals, Christi Campbell with Djinn and Hella, Stavit Budin and Alexa from Israel, Brad Denney with Inka, Elizabeth Baez with Maya, and local talent Tammy Montgomery with Dixie.

More heat is in store for us on Saturday and Sunday, but we are holding up well and are adjusted for an epic event.
The complete results can be found here.

The Finals weekend was kicked off well and we were on our way!!

- The UFO