UFO Finals are days away!

Hey there folks,
The UFO Final Major is this Friday, September 17.
This is the "Last Chance" event, with a few qualifying spots for the UFO World Cup Finals available. You can register here:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are already qualified for the finals, you cannot play in fridays event in your particular qualified division. Ie, if you are qualified for the T&C championship, you cannot enter Open T&C on Friday with that same dog. You are, of course, welcome to enter another non-qualified dog. This applies to Open Combined, Open T&C and Open FS.

If you are already qualified, and plan to show up Saturday for day one of our TWO DAY FINAL, it would be wonderful to have you check in with us here:

Not sure if you are qualified?

You can check here:

Teams doing Freestyle this Friday or in the finals can email their music to eyebum@gmail.com.

- The UFO