2022 World Cup Finals Super Event!

The 2022 UFO World Cup Finals are complete. a HUGE thank you to all of our competitors that traveled from near and far to be here this weekend. Nearly 200 rounds per day were run by the amazing organizing team. Thank you to Marcel Buff for spearheading this incredible event.
And who takes home the largest trophies? The best dogs, of course!!
The Finals began Friday evening with the first round of DTour throws. The top 5 men and top 5 women came back Saturday evening to make a final 3 throws each.
2022 Women's DTour Champions: Salome Egger and Aislinn
2022 Men's DTour Champions: Istvan Fodor and Kobe
The World Cup Freestyle, T&C and Overall Championships kicked off Saturday morning. The T&C teams did 4 rounds over 2 days, the Freestyle contenders did 2 rounds, and the Overall Championship contenders did 2 rounds of FS and 2 rounds of T&C, with the final score being the FS scores doubled and the single best round of T&C being added to this total.
Your winners:
2022 UFO World Cup Freestyle Champions: Adrian Stoice and INU!
2022 UFO World Cup Throw & Catch Champions: Julia Zimmermann and MINAI!!
And finally, the 2022 overall WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS:
This is Adrian's second overall World Cup Championship title, and his first with Inu.
Despite weather that wanted to take away the fun, the teams performed amazing. It was truly an amazing spectacle to see and an honor to witness.
World Cup Finals results:
DTour Championship results:

- The UFO