2023 UFO European Cup Championship!

The 2023 UFO European Cup Finals and Small Dog World Cup Championship are finished!!!
We were very proud to host 9 different countries at the event this year. The New Frisbee Maniacs hosted a great contest, and even made sure to have some typical Dutch weather brought in on Saturday. You really must experience this.
Sunday, however, the sun was back out and the dogs were on fire!
Small Dogs-the 2023 UFO World Cup Small Dog Championship will go to AUSTRIA!! Lilia Steiner and Viven win the title, just barely edging out Yannick Thoulon and Yopp!

This is the first world-level championship to go to an Austrian team! Congratulations! Lilia is just getting started in her frisbee dog career, so watch out for her in the future!
Final results are here:

The European Cup Finals was an amazing spectacle, as always! incredible performances and awesome dogs were in full focus all weekend long.
The 2023 EC T&C Champions are not new to the top podium, as Julia Zimmermann and Minnai have taken home that title! 24 Qualified teams were on hand, and after 4 rounds, the reigning World Cup champions showed their skills to everyone again!
For Freestye at the UFO EC, 1 country has dominated for 10 years. The Italian domination was paused this weekend, and host country the Netherlands put a team on the top spot of the podium! It was high level skill that put the first place into a tie, but with the highest single round serving as the tie-breaker, Sophie Nijenhuis and Liva from the Netherlands managed to just edge out Mario Solo and Dasah from Spain! Congratulations!!
Finally, the overall championship: in an event that could have gone to any of a dozen teams easily, the podium was packed with talent. The incredible Freestyle performance by Sophie and Liva put them in third place. Always in the mix for a podium spot, Angela Tederke put up very solid rounds in FS and T&C to take second.
And at the top of the podium for the first time in UFO history, SPAIN will earn an Overall European Championship title! Mario Solo and his otherworldly dog Dasah and now the UFO EC Champs!
2023 EC Results can be found here: https://www.ufoworldcup.org/content/Results/ECFinals/ECFinals.php
Thanks to the great hosts and all the hard work that made this event possible!
Next year, the World Cup Finals will return to Europe, and Germany will once again be the host of this event.
September 20, 21 and 22 in 2024 you can show up in Bremen, Germany. Hopefully you will have a dog with you!

- The UFO