2020 North American Cup Finals
Date: October 30th, 2020
Location: TBA,

Hosted By: Disc Dogs in Southern California
Contact: Kirby McIlveen

Event Information:
The N.A. Cup Finals!
This will be the final Major event in the USA for 2020.

This year, the NA Cup Finals will also be the site of the UFO Small Dog Championship.
Like last year, this will be a no-qualifier-necessary division. The same "Major" format that the big dogs play will be used for the small dogs. Overall Combined format, winner take all.
"Small dog" status is determined by the Ulnar measurement. You measure the dog's front leg, from the elbow to the carpal joint (past the carpal pad.) "Small" will be considered dogs with a ulnar measurement of 13.5cm or less.
Any UFO approved discs can be used in the small dog event, no size restrictions.
UFO Small Dog Eligibility

Sorry! Not translated into that language yet!