UFO Announces World Cup Series format change
Zurich, Switzerland(Friday, July 8th, 2022) The UFO would like to announce a significant change to our format for the season. We normally are very reluctant to make any rule or format change mid-season, but we feel this will have a positive eff [Read Full Story...]

Sora Dominates Frankenmuth!
Frankenmuth, USA(Monday, September 20th, 2021) The 2021 UFO World Cup Final has finished, and it was a fantastic event! 3 great days in warm sunshine wrapped up in Frankenmuth, Michigan with historic wins being notched yet again. Taking the title [Read Full Story...]

UFO Finals are days away!
Frankenmuth, USA(Monday, September 13th, 2021) Hey there folks, The UFO Final Major is this Friday, September 17. This is the "Last Chance" event, with a few qualifying spots for the UFO World Cup Finals available. You can register here: ht [Read Full Story...]

The World Cup is BACK!!
New York City, USA(Sunday, May 23rd, 2021) The UFO is excited to finally have events back on the schedule, and dogs playing frisbee world wide!! There are already some local events in the results section, and the UFO Majors are about to start. [Read Full Story...]

2022 World Cup Standings
1Marcel Koning & Mr. Lee218.0
2Brad Denney & Maya215.0
2Christina Weiß & Firefly215.0
4Angela Tederke & Mr.ZooM207.0
5Verena König & Sky203.0
6Guido Averesch & Phoebe201.0
7Jorge Lafuente & Nube195.0
8Christina Weiß & Bazinga193.0
9Tracy Custer & Slice190.0
10Yannick Thoulon & Yopp183.0
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