Rory and Stoica take 3rd Euro Cup Title!
Aosto, Italy(Sunday, August 21st, 2016) European Cup Finals are in the books! In the face of weather that wouldn't behave, and an incredibly talented field, the pair manged to win their third European Cup Championship. Rory pulled off an e [Read Full Story...]

2016 World Cup Finals heads to Germany
Frankfurt, Germany(Tuesday, December 1st, 2015) The 2016 UFO World Cup Final will go back to Europe. This is the second time that the UFO has held its final in Europe, and this will be the first ever World Championship level event held in Germany.W [Read Full Story...]

Omaha, NE, USA(Sunday, January 10th, 2016) We all know the dogs just want to play frisbee, and the details regarding rules and formats are quite far beneath them. So this message is for the people lucky enough to throw the frisbees for our Can [Read Full Story...]

Torch and McIlveen Double Champs!
Pasadena, California, USA(Tuesday, October 20th, 2015) In what will go down as one of the most epic disc dog weekends ever, the UFO World Cup Championship and the AWI World Championship were both won by one amazing young woman-Kirby McIlveen and her unbel [Read Full Story...]
2016 Major Schedule
Country Date Event Location
Feb 27th UFO Major Disc Dog Colombia Cup Bogotá-Siberia, COL
Apr 16th Florida State Championships Spring Hill, USA
Apr 23rd Tata Cup Tata, HUN
Apr 23rd Texas State Championships Grapevine, USA
Apr 30th Sandreas-Cup VI Kreuzlingen, CHE
May 21st Cheicabigul on Spring Time Forli, ITA
May 28th 1. Event SDDC Ticino Seseglio, CHE
Jun 11th Disc Dogs of MI State Championship Weekend Hastings, USA
Jun 11th Dutch Major #2 Vierhouten, NLD
Jun 18th Ruhrpott Cup Duisburg, DEU
Jun 25th Indiana Disc Dog Classic Fishers, USA
Jun 25th Alldogs Disc Dog Cup Odiáxere, PRT
Jul 2nd Fly em High Cup Zeewolde, NLD
Jul 9th SoCal Disc Dog Challenge South Pasadena, USA
Jul 10th Disc Dog Cup Canisport Leiria, PRT
Jul 17th Mad Dogs UFO Major Millersville, USA
Jul 30th UFO INTERGALACTICAL Major Austria Korneuburg, AUT
Aug 6th Colorado Canine Challenge Centennial, USA
Aug 14th UFO Major Spain Ozaeta, ESP
Aug 19th UFO European LC Major Saint Marcel, ITA
Sep 4th Windy City K9 Classic Naperville, USA
Oct 7th UFO Last Chance Qualifier Duisburg, DEU
2016 World Cup Standings
1Alen Soldic & Lili235.0
2Julia Zimmermann & Leeloo229.0
3Bettina Koch & Tabasco228.0
4Kirby McIlveen & Torch211.0
5Marc Etoll & Loki210.0
5Chantal Mattioli & Highlight210.0
7Christi Campbell & Star Spangled Banner206.0
8Alen Soldic & Diva205.0
8Marjolaine van Arkel & Chubby205.0
10Jeff Hill & Muse203.0
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2016 European Cup Standings
1Alen Soldic & Lili235.0
2Julia Zimmermann & Leeloo229.0
3Bettina Koch & Tabasco228.0
4Marc Etoll & Loki210.0
4Chantal Mattioli & Highlight210.0
6Alen Soldic & Diva205.0
6Marjolaine van Arkel & Chubby205.0
8Eva Zwicker & Enya196.0
9Mirjam Thöne & Amicelli187.0
10Madeleine Thürlemann & Shila185.0
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2016 North American Cup Standings
1Kirby McIlveen & Torch211.0
2Christi Campbell & Star Spangled Banner206.0
3Jeff Hill & Muse203.0
4Chuck Middleton & BamBam200.0
5Christi Campbell & Blue Djinn Dragon195.0
5Chuck Middleton & The Captain195.0
7Chuck Middleton & Bling Bling165.0
8Kirby McIlveen & Flash163.0
9Andrew Han & Slinky151.0
10Paul Goike & Diablo138.0
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