UFO Locals
Local Event Guidelines

Local Tournaments must adhere to the UFO General Rules and Guidelines. Local competitions must use the UFO Freestyle and Throw and Catch Guidelines. The divisions, number of rounds, multipliers, etc, are up to the event host. It is advised that the rules for the local be published in some form prior to the contest. UFO Local events are open to all competitors, regardless of their ability, race, sex, enthicity, nationality, club or group affiliation. There are no limits to the number of locals a competitor may attend, however, only their two highest finishes will count towards their World Cup Series total.

Local Tournaments are generally lower profile events than Majors. The points available at a Local Tournament are enough to give teams the edge over close competitors in the World Cup series, but the Local Tournaments are not worth enough to allow someone to win the World Cup title without placing well in Major Tournaments. If Local Tournaments include more than one division, only the results of the Open Division (or highest division) will contribute to World Cup standings. The division MUST include freestyle for World cup points. Events with no freestyle are designated as "TC-Locals", and only the T&C qualification applies. Points at Local Tournaments are awarded to competitors in the Open Division Overall Category as follows:


T&C Qualification for the WC Final and EC Final: The top 3 finishers in the Open T&C division at UFO Locals qualify for the World Cup T&C Championship. In Europe, these teams also qualify for the European Cup T&C Championship at the EC Finals.
T&C Ties: In the event of ties in the top 3 places of Open T&C, tie-breaker rules will apply to determine the official results and rank. However, any team that is tied for the top 3 places will still qualify for the EC Finals and the WC Finals.

Local Event Organizers may choose the format of their event. It is allowed to provide a completely separate Open T&C from the Open Combined. apply to determine the official results and rank. However, any team that is tied for the top 3 places will still qualify for the EC Finals and th Teams will be allowed to enter both events. Or the organizer can run it like a UFO Major, where the first round of T&C counts for both divisions, with a final round of T&C for the Open T&C only teams (which might be all the Open combined teams). Or, the event organizer could choose to only run Open Combined, and have NO separate T&C division. In this case, the T&C round tied to that Open Combined score will be the qualifying round.
The local event organizer has the discretion to run this as they see fit, based on their time, space and available staff. The local event organizer should make every effort to announce ahead of time what the format will be and how many rounds of each division will be run.