UFO Event Registration Rules

Entry Fees

Event hosts will collect a nominal entry fee from competitors upon registration. Event hosts may set their own entry fees. The funds generated with entry fees are used to offset the costs associated with organizing and running UFO competitions.

Event entry limits

In order for some larger events to be able to plan for large numbers of competitors in advance, Event hosts may institute a cut-off date for entries.
This cut-off is entirely up to the event host. Cut-offs based on NUMBER OF COMPETITORS are not allowed. Time-based entry limits only.

Competitor Registration Guidelines and Dog limits

Here is the definitive guide to the UFO World Cup registration.
We sometimes have confusion about the rules, so let us try to make sure that you are entered in the right division.

At UFO Majors, handlers will be allowed to play with more than 4 dogs, as long as ALL of the dogs belong to the handler. (There are no UFO-imposed limits at Locals, but your Local event organizer may have rules about this). There is no limit to the number of dogs a handler may enter, provided every dog authentically belongs to the handler. If a handler plays with another person's dog (a "borrowed dog"), then the 4 dog limit will be enforced. All dogs entered must play in the same division (Open, Intermediate or Novice/Beginner).
First, if you and your dog enter Novice, You as the Handler cannot enter any other division. This is because Novice is for NOVICE HANDLERS ONLY. The UFO considers Novice handles to be those people that are competing in their first year. This is left to the honor system. A Novice handler can use any dog-their own, preferably! However, a handler can use another dog that may have played before. That is fine.
Novice is NOT for experienced handlers playing with new dogs. If that is you, enter a higher division.
The Novice division is a Throw & Catch only division. Teams will do 1 round. The top 5 teams will move onto a final round. The Final Score is the sum of the two rounds.

Intermediate teams can now enter a Throw & Catch only division, or a Freestyle only division. There is no combined score for Intermediate. The same dog can be entered in both divisions.
For Intermediate Throw & Catch, teams will do 1 round. The top 10 teams will move onto a final round. The Final Score (Int. T&C) is the sum of the two rounds.
For Intermediate Freestyle, teams will do 1 round. The top 5 teams will move onto a final round. The Final Score (Int. FS) is the sum of the two rounds.

If a handler enters a dog in OPEN, the Handler is NOT allowed to enter dogs any other division.
There is sometimes confusion about the UFO Open division. It may help to think of it as 3 divisions: Open Freestyle, Open Throw & Catch, and Open Combined.
At registration, you can enter your dog into Open Freestyle, OR Open Throw & Catch, or Open Combined. If you want to get World Cup points, and have your dog compete in both Freestyle and Throw & Catch, enter the Open Combined division. (ie, do not enter the same dog with the same handler in Open T&C And Open FS. Enter one time in Open combined if you want to compete in both events)

A Handler can enter up to 4 dogs in any combination of Open divisions.

The Open Freestyle division is ONLY FREESTYLE. There is NO Throw & Catch if you enter ONLY Open Freestyle. There are no World Cup points for entering this division only.

The Open Throw & Catch division is ONLY Throw & Catch. There is NO Freestyle if you enter ONLY Open Throw & Catch. There are no World Cup points for entering this division only.

Dogs with Multiple Handlers:We often see dogs playing with 2 handlers. This is fine. We don't recommend that dogs play with more than 2 handlers, but these decisions are left to the handler's best judgement. Dogs can compete in any division. A Dog can compete with one handler in Novice, and another handler in Open Freestyle.

Age of Competing Dogs: In T&C divisions, dogs MUST be at least 12 months old with all appropriate vaccinations before competing at any UFO Events.
For any Freestyle or combined divisions, dogs MUST be at least 18 months old with all appropriate vaccinations before competing.
Age is determined by the month of the dog's birthday. For Freestyle, dog must reach 18 months of age within the month in which the event is being held. For example: if a dog's birthday is the 25th of June, the dog can compete in Freestyle events starting at June 1st. Similarly, for T&C events, the dog must reach 12 months of age within the moth in which the event is being held.

Event hosts have the discretion to allow exemptions for their events, and allow dogs as young as 12 months old. If an event host allows exemptions, they are for the entire event, not "per dog". Competitors are warned that if an exemption to the 18 month old rule is NOT announced, they should assume that the minimum dog age for an event is 18 months. Be advised that judges may take the dog's age into account with regard to canine welfare.

We hope this clears up any confusion about registration and divisions at UFO Majors. If you have any questions, please ask the registration crew. We will do our best to get you in the correct division!

Please note-in order to be eligible for World Cup points at UFO Majors, a competitor must enter the same dog in both Open Throw & Catch and Open Freestyle. This is usually designated "Open Combined." Ask an event official if there is any confusion as to what division you are entering.