UFO History

The UFO was founded in 2000. Looking to add some fun to the incredible world of canine disc, the concept of a World Wide points series hadn't been tried. So the UFO got it off the ground.
The original members were Lawrence Frederick, Bill Keller, Mark Jennings, Chris Sexton and Tom Wehrli.
The first World Cup Series took place in the year 2001. In the beginning, the UFO didn't have a final event. We focused on our series, and at the end of our regular season, the team with the highest point total was declared the World Cup Champion. This format worked fine, however the UFO was always thinking about how to put together a great final to finish our season.
In 2006, the UFO held its first World Cup Final, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The competitors came from around the world to make this a truly special event.
The UFO has made strides with many "firsts" in the sport of canine disc. We were the first organization to implement canine welfare deductions. We were the first organization to charge entry fees across the board for all events. We were the first organization to put all of our results online. We were the first organization to allow competitors to use their own discs. We were the first organization to recognize and allow discs from different manufacturers. We were the first international organization, a distinction we achieved with our events in Europe and Japan in 2001. We were the first organization to hold an event in China. We were the first organization to hold our World Final outside the USA (Switzerland, 2014)

Our Champions:
World Cup Champions
2001-Bob Evans & Nick
2002-Bob Evans & Nick
2003-Todd Duncan & Levi
2004-Karin Actun & Ben
2005-Todd Duncan & Levi
2006-Matt DiAno & Maggie
2007-Matt DiAno & Maggie
2008-Matt DiAno & Maggie
2009-Danny Eggleston & Guinan
2010-Matt DiAno & Maggie
2011-Mike Hanson & Maggey
2012-Chuck Middleton & Bling Bling
2013-Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2014-Matteo Gaddoni & Flower
2015-Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2016-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2017-Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2018-Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2019-Kirby McIlveen & Sora

World Cup Freestyle Champions (Formerly All-Star Freestyle Champions)
2007-Paul West & Tucker
2008-Danny Eggleston & Guinan
2009-Danny Eggleston & Guinan
2010-Gary Duke & Bayer
2011-Chuck Middleton & Bam Bam
2012-Andrea Rigler & Moxie
2013-Andrea Rigler & Moxie
2014-Melanie Fydrich & Baily
2015-Andrew Han & Solar
2016-Matteo Gaddoni & Bill
2017-Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2018-Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2019-Kirby McIlveen & Sora

World Cup Throw & Catch Champions (Formerly All-Star Throw & Catch Champions)
2007-Paul West & Sprite
2008-Preston Dean & Skye
2009-Scott Jones & Bolareo
2010-Matt DiAno & Maggie
2011-Matt DiAno & Maggie
2012-Scott Jones & Rodeo
2013-Mike Hanson & Maggey
2014-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2015-Tracy Custer & Courage
2016-David Roman & Zain
2017-Jeff Hill & Muse
2018-Evanghelos Christofellis & Nove
2019-Kirby McIlveen & Sora

European Cup Champions
2002-Karin Actun & Ben
2003-Karin Actun & Ben
2004-Karin Actun & Ben
2010-Stefanie Gerbracht & Faylin
2011-Karin Actun & Ben
2012-Timo Kehlbeck & Ronja
2013-Matteo Gaddoni & Flower
2014-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2015-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2016-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2017-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2018-Melanie Fydrich & Trouble
2019-Julia Zimmermann & Minai

European Cup Throw & Catch Champions
2010-Marcel Buff & Lenox
2011-Christina Weiss & Banzai
2012-Frank Funke & Baffy
2013-Jean McCollister & Olivia
2014-Perry van Mulukom & Chubby
2015-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2016-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2017-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2018-Evanghelos Christofellis & Nove
2019-Guido Averesch & Phoebe

European Cup Freestyle Champions
2003-Christi Campbell & Rider
2013-Matteo Gaddoni & Flower
2014-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2015-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2016-Adrian Stoica & Rory
2017-Adrian Stoica & Hurricane
2018-Luca Castioni & Eddy
2019-Adrian Stoica & Hurricane

North American Cup Champions
2014-Andrew Han & Solar
2016-Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2018-Jeff Hill & Muse

UFO Small Dog Champions (Combined event)
2017-Jeff Hill & Key
2018-Jeff Hill & Key
2019-Adrian Stoica & Icaro

DTour Women's Champions
2012-Christina Weiss & Banzai
2013-Ellie Stivers & Presto Changeo
2014-Jean McCollister & Bamm Bamm
2015-Kirby McIlveen & Muse

DTour Men's Champions
2012-Mike Dillon & KT
2013-Mike Dillon & Molly
2014-Daan Krieken & DJ
2015-Gary Duke & Bayer

World Cup Club Champions
2001-Dallas Dog n Disc
2002-Dallas Dog n Disc
2003-Colorado Disc Dogs
2004-Colorado Disc Dogs
2005-Colorado Disc Dogs
2006-Colorado Disc Dogs
2007-Colorado Disc Dogs
2008-Colorado Disc Dogs
2009-Colorado Disc Dogs
2010-Disc Dogs in Southern California
2011-Disc Dogs in Southern California
2012-Central Florida Dog and Disc Club
2013-Colorado Disc Dogs
2014-Disc Dog Ostschwiiz

North American Cup Finals Locations
2014-Chicago, Illinois
2016-Chicago, Illinois
2018-Frankenmuth, Michigan

European Cup Finals Locations
2010-Den Ham, Netherlands
2011-Zeewolde, Netherlands
2012-Uster, Switzerland
2013-Fehraltorf, Switzerland
2014-Buchloe, Germany
2015-Boelenslaan, Netherlands
2016-Aosta, Italy
2017-Duisburg, Germany
2018-Uster, Switzerland
2019-Apeldoorn, Netherlands

World Cup Finals Locations
2006-Scottsdale, Arizona
2007-Dallas, Texas
2008-Daytona Beach, Florida
2009-Houston, Texas
2010-San Diego, California
2011-Dallas, Texas
2012-Auburndale, Florida
2013-Littleton, Colorado
2014-St. Gallen, Switzerland
2015-Pasadena, California
2016-Duisburg, Germany
2017-Littleton, Colorado
2018-Houtigehage, Netherlands
2019-Austin, Texas